10 Times Batman Was FORCED To Work With Villains

9. Bane - Batman: Gotham Knights #47-49 (2004)

Batman Penguin
DC Comics

For most of his life, Bane was unaware of the identity of his father. After some deduction, the musclebound luchador came to the conclusion that his dear old dad was none other than Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas Wayne!

When Bane presented his findings to Batman, he naturally dismissed them (mainly because he didn't like the idea that the guy who broke his back was his brother). But because Thomas Wayne had befriended Bane's mother at one point, Bruce analysed a sample of the supervillain's DNA to put his mind at ease.

While they waited several days to confirm the results, Bane stayed at Wayne Manor and helped Batman with his nightly patrols in Gotham.

When the test results proved Bane and Batman weren't siblings, the protector of Gotham helped him chase down a lead to uncover his father's true identity.

While travelling through Kangchenjunga, Bane located his father - a terrorist called King Snake, who was preparing to unleash a devastating weapon upon the world. When Snake shot at Batman, Bane jumped in front of the bullet, saving the Dark Knight's life. Left mortally wounded, Batman dropped Bane into a Lazarus Pit, bringing him back from the brink of death.


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