10 Times Spider-Man Was A Real Jerk

9. Made Fun Of The Thing - Carnage USA

Spider-Man Carol Danvers
Marvel Comics / Clayton Crain

Ben Grimm, AKA The Thing, is one of the most lovable characters in all of Marvel. Well, unless your name is Zeb Wells, apparently, who decided to cram in a bunch of the other heroes roasting the ever loving blue eyed Thing for no reason when he wrote the maxi-series Carnage USA.

This story, which centers around Spidey and pals trying to save a small town in the American heartland from Carnage, who's used his gross red goop to seize the minds of everyone in the town, starts off with Spider-man and Hawkeye just viciously mocking The Thing for basically no reason.

It isn't even good hearted fun, as Hawkeye outright states that he can't stand The Thing. The mockery is genuinely malicious on Hawkeye's part, and Spider-Man at no point refutes it, instead seeming begrudgingly in agreement with it.

The Thing is one of the best things Marvel has ever created, and any disrespect aimed at him shall not be tolerated, Spidey. Welcome to the wrong side of history.


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