10 Times Superheroes Were Forced To Kill Other Heroes

Making Superman a theoretical child murderer.

Wolverine kills Jean Grey
Marvel Comics

Part of being a superhero is doing things that absolutely suck. Nobody wants to tell people their loved ones are dead, or get the living daylights beaten out of them – or kill someone. There are, however, situations where heroes feel there is no alternative but to end someone’s life – even if said life is one of their costumed brethren.

Granted, the reasoning behind hero vs hero homicide isn’t always completely sound, as what exactly would be worth killing another superhero over varies wildly between heroes and situations alike. It seldom works out for the best (killing your teammates generally doesn’t), but it always makes for interesting reading.

Even in the worst, most guilt-ridden deaths, there’s a sort of silver lining, in that it also does a decent job of reminding us that superheroes also make mistakes, just like everyone else.

That said, hopefully most people’s mistakes don’t involve murdering their friends, so maybe sometimes heroes are a little bit worse than we think...

10. Doctor Fate Kills Doctor Fate

Wolverine kills Jean Grey
DC Comics

In some antics that only a figure like Doctor Fate could pull off, the second issue of the 2018 Justice League Dark comic ends with Khalid Nassour – the old human form of Fate – being murdered by the out of control newer one.

Although the murder is pretty brutal – disintegrating someone is rarely ever a kind move – it’s also a helpful reminder that Fate isn’t always the soundest of heroes. For a series that’s about to get incredibly intense fighting-wise, this makes it all the more interesting, as one of the most powerful people the League could have recruited appears to have swan-dived off of the deep end.

The whole thing also raises some very interesting questions about Fate’s fate; namely, whether he will actually be of any help in the rest of the series, or if his do-gooder days have ended now that he’s melted his former self’s face.


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