10 Times Superheroes Weren’t There To Save The Day

Just because they are superheroes doesn't mean they're always there to save the day.

Marvel Comics

Even when the odds are stacked against superheroes, we expect them to triumph over evil. Whether it's stopping a bomb or rescuing a hostage, the good guys always seem to appear in the nick of time to save the day.

Sadly, it doesn't matter if you are the world's greatest detective or if you can run faster than the speed of light; heroes aren't infallible. Spider-Man watched the Green Goblin hurl Gwen Stacy to his death. Robin was forced to witness Bane snap Alfred's neck.

It's tragic when a superhero fails to save the day... but what's worse is when they don't even show up. When a villain is about to take an innocent life, not only will the hero sometimes fail to rescue them, they mightn't even get there in time.

Every single time Superman flies in to protect an innocent bystander from harm, he has to ignore another crisis on the other side of the world. He's not being selfish or callous. It's just impossible to be everywhere at once.

In the words of Spider-Ham, "You can't always save everybody."

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