10 Times The Avengers Ruined Peter Parker’s Life

Friends don't almost eat friends.

Marvel Comics

When you take into account that Peter Parker idolises figures like Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man more than the most passionate of fanboys, it seems needlessly harsh that he so often has his life completely sabotaged by them - often in ways that are entirely on purpose.

Which isn't to suggest that the team of superheroes is always actively trying to ruin Parker's life. With Spider-Man being a character that is at the forefront of so many storylines and plot twists, he often gets stuck in the thick of it - and the Avengers, who are generally the people trying to stop any sort of elaborate shenanigans that are afoot, are left trying to sort the situation as quick as possible. More often than not, this leaves them awkwardly tangled up in both Spider-Man's superhero career, and his private life, leading to all sorts of genuinely awful scenarios.

Whether it's trying to beat him up, trying to kill him, or just bullying him about being a nerd, the Avengers spend an awful lot of time ruining Peter's life - but at least they're generally not trying to eat him.



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