10 Times The Joker Won

These times when the Clown Prince of Crime won are no laughing matter.

DC Comics

The Joker is perhaps one of the greatest villains ever created in comic books, even without having any superpowers. His true appeal lies in his sheer insanity and how it infects the lives of everyone he comes into contact with, even his avid readers.

Recently in Batman #93, the Joker has actually achieved something fans never saw coming; Batman's wealth. Obviously, this story will end the same as always with Batman winning somehow over the Joker, if only because comic continuity demands he wins.

But that's the real beauty of the Joker - he will always lose as even if he kills Batman, the crusade will simply be passed along to someone else, leaving the Joker to try and kill every hero that follows in Bruce's long shadow.

However every time the Joker wins a fight against a hero, kills any number of innocent people, or injures the people close to Batman, he does win. Not in ways that are apparent at first, but instead in ways that continually drain the sanity of a child who watched his parents die in front of him, and subsequently decided to dress as a bat to fight people late at night.

The following are some of the ways the Joker has won in his constant battle to drive the batman, his allies, and the whole world insane.

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