10 Times The Justice League Ruined Superman's Life

Getting Superman drunk? Surprisingly immoral.

DC Comics

As the closest thing to a leader the Justice League has, you'd imagine that nobody on the team tries to mess with Superman. Although this is an entirely logical thought, it's also one that's entirely wrong, as it seems that the Man of Steel's incredible powers and authoritative position only encourage people to mess with him more.

And, perhaps more worryingly, it also seems to cause many League members to think he never needs any help whatsoever, leading to a whole bunch of scenarios that could have easily been sorted with about a thimble of effort on the part of heroes like Batman or Cyborg.

Naturally, this results in all sorts of terrible things happening to Clark - and, worse yet, he doesn't even seem to ever resent anyone for it, even when the League do things like let Lex Luthor join the team, which must be worse than Krptonite under the nails for the unfortunate Man of Steel.

Between brain bombs, sex tapes, and family disputes, the Justice League could probably do with a group therapy session or two, just to talk out why they sabotage their golden boy so damn much.


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