10 Underrated Supervillains Who Deserved Better

What do you do when you introduce a great villain? Ignore them for years, evidently.

Marvel Comics/John Romita Jr.

With the sheer number of existing supervillains being almost unimaginably high, it's par for the course that some characters get comparatively smaller roles. To have a scene feel realistic, side characters have to exist, and for side characters to exist, they've got to stay safely in the background.

But sometimes these characters end up having some genuine potential - more potential than some big name villains.

Interesting appearances, powers and backstories can result in some accidentally fascinating characters, and sometimes embracing this and allowing a minor character a larger role can result in some unexpected but amazing work.

Although it's a strange scenario to be rooting for a villain to get the chance to do more awful things, it's also incredibly difficult to deny a tie-dyed shapeshifter or monkey-named Spider-person the possibility to really evolve into the complex figure they deserve to be.

Given superheroes can have more than one nemesis, it seems only fair to give some less appreciated characters the time to shine - even if 'shining' here really equals acts of uminagineable cruelty.


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