10 Villains Spider-Man Has NEVER Defeated

9. Shriek

Spider-Man Magneto
Marvel Comics

While Spidey has taken on Carnage and beaten him plenty of times, the same cannot be said for Carnage's girlfriend, Shriek.

Shriek is the first major recurring female villain in Spider-Man's rogues gallery, and funny enough, Spider-Man has often just barely come out on top when he has fought her, often needing multiple other heroes to get the job done.

This goes all the way back to her first appearance as a Spider-Man villain in the Maximum Carnage storyline. Spider-Man couldn't very well take her or Carnage on without taking on the entire Carnage pseudo-family, which he most definitely would not come out on top with. So he enlisted a whole bunch of other heroes to take them on with him.

And that's pretty much been the trend with Shriek from then on, Spider-Man just can't seem to take her down all on his lonesome like he can with his other villains. This is both due to her cleverness as well as the fact that her power to manipulate all forms of sound make her a difficult villain for ANY superhero to beat on their own, let alone him.


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