10 Villains Who Outsmarted Batman

Even the Dark Knight can be one-upped every now and then.

DC Comics

Batman is a character who is more often than not tasked with outsmarting and outmaneuvering characters that no one else could. After all, Bruce Wayne's costumed counterpart has taken down pretty much every major villain in DC's roster at this point - and those he hasn't taken out generally are only undefeated because they haven't properly taken each other on.

But, mercifully, many of the Bat's writers and artists over the years are aware that the beauty of Batman is that he's not perfect. While the Dark Knight has one-upped enough supervillains to fill a dictionary, he's also had his fair share of bad scrapes, where he's been outmatched, outsmarted, and generally outdone by his opponents.

It's always fun to see Batman save the day - but it's maybe even more fun to see him struggle every now and then, as it's the only thing keeping him from feeling like a totally invincible character.

Luckily for us, over the years Bruce has been outwitted by everyone from his own son to a random cult leader, proving that even the man with a plan for everything can still get trounced every now and then.


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