10 Ways To Beat Superman

Even a man of steel can be broken.

DC Comics

We've all been there. You've just taken your first steps into supervillainy; you've robbed a few banks, built a doomsday device or two and finally got just the right number of spikes on your costume. Things are looking pretty sweet for you as you get ready to unleash your army of mutant robosharks on the world, but then who should appear from out of the blue? It's only Superman himself.

"Well this is a bust" you think to yourself as your army is dismantled in a matter of minutes and you prepare yourself for the inevitable punch to the jaw. However, fear not potential villains for all is not yet lost.

While Superman's powers may make him seem invincible, he actually has a number of weaknesses that have been showcased in the comics over the decades (and luckily that number is at least 10 or you'd be reading about how too much cheese probably makes the Man of Steel a bit gassy).

Some may be obvious to anyone who hasn't been living under a green radioactive rock, others are so obscure that only the most die-hard fans have heard of them. Either way, each one is a surefire way of getting rid of the Last Son of Krypton so that you can get on with all the terrible crimes you have planned.

Like stealing 40 cakes.

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