10 Weird And Wonderful Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man

Remember that time Spider-Man became a cat? We sure do...

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man is certainly capable of a lot of different things, and over the many years of being in both the Marvel and the public spotlight he’s been many different things too - weird things.

Plenty of different writers have taken the helm of the good ship Spider-Man, each with their own vision and interpretation of how Peter Parker could best tell a story. Whether they've changed his history, his morality, or even something as subtle as his uniform, the changes can be small or significant.

Though as anyone aware of 'The Butterfly Effect' can attest to, even the tiniest alterations can change things radically. Marvel and many others have shown this in practice and displayed that with a great character comes a great responsibility to make things as bizarre as possible.

An example of how bizarre this can be is a version of Peter Parker called ‘Sheep-Boy’, who was bitten by a radioactive sheep. All he did was eat grass. It was a pretty baaahd character. If you groaned at that you haven't seen anything yet.

So yeah, things are going to get a bit a little odd. With that in mind here are a few cases that may very well be some of the most weird and wonderful iterations of Spider-Man.


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