10 Weirdest Spider-Man Costumes

His Spider-Sense is tingling... but clearly not his Spider-Sense of style.

white spiderman
Marvel Comics

Everybody needs to change their look from time to time. A new color scheme, a dab of paint, some new tech incorporated into the outfit... minor tweaks can add new life to a character that's starting to feel tired and old hat.

But sometimes, tweaking goes too far, and soon you find yourself bending, warping, and otherwise distorting a classic look into some truly bizarre variations.

Spider-Man has been subject to random costume changes more than most. From sentient alien outfits and Iron Man-designed techsuits to discount Halloween costumes and improvised bargain-bin calamities, he's run the gamut from stylish to stupid and back again.

(Of course, we're talking about Spidey here, so we'll be disregarding that brief period where he ditched being Spider-Man entirely and became the Hornet, Dusk, Ricochet, and Prodigy, a quartet of random superpowered miscreants. (One of whom required a fake nose in addition to a new costume.) After all, none of them were really Spider-Man.)

Although some of those outfits are now iconic, others are cringeworthy in their silliness, strangeness, and sheer what-were-they-thinking-ness.

So enjoy this trip down Memory Lane as Peter Parker's better half gets the Fashion Police treatment.

10. Spider Armor

white spiderman
Marvel Comics

So, you're a superhero whose crime-fighting prowess and successs are predicated on your agility, leaping ability, and lightning-quick reflexes. Clearly the best way to augment that would be with shiny, heavy armor.

For some reason, Spidey celebrated the one-hundredth issue of Web of Spider-Man with this bulky edition of his classic gear. Granted, with heavily-armed foes like the New Enforcers dogging him, it's understandable that the Wall-Crawler would want to be a little less susceptible to bullets than normal, but given that the armor didn't even survive its introductory issue, clearly this is one idea that should've remained on the drawing board.

Spidey would, of course, return to the idea of armored suits several times with varying degrees of success. But the original is both the weirdest and the most famous.


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