10 Weirdly Specific Powers You Didn't Know Superman Has

1. Super-Phone Sense

Superman Super-Eating
DC Comics

Spider-Man has his Spider-Sense, an ability that alerts him to danger before it strikes. Superman as something similar but it only applies to people who call him. That's right, Superman has built in caller ID.

Somehow, some way, Superman has the ability to sense the identity of people who are calling him. Before the days of smartphones that showed you exactly who was on the other end of the call, Superman was able to know who that person was. That would honestly be quite useful if he was ducking someone. Probably Batman. He seems unpleasant.

The only other thing that power could possibly be useful for is avoiding telemarketers and surveys. Unless Lex Luthor tries to snag Superman in some kind of tax-related phone scam, this one isn't going to help save the world. If anything, it might help him avoid prank calls, which seems more like a Metallo plan than a Luthor plan.

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