10 Wild Versions Of Spider-Man That Could Actually Work On Film

You get a big delight in every bite of Spider-Man fruit pies!

Spider-Verse #2 Miles Morales Aunt May
Marvel Comics

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters in just a few months, and speculation continues as to whether Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield may fight alongside Tom Holland in the MCU's wildest crossover yet.

Even if the rumors turn out to be bogus, however, Spidey fans still have a menagerie of Spider-Men to look forward to in the coming years. Between Marvel’s new What If...? series on Disney+, at least two upcoming Spider-Verse films, and even proposals for a Spider-Verse TV series, the stage is set to bring any number of Spidey variants to life on big and small screens alike.

With literally dozens of Wall-crawlers featured in the comics, there’s no telling what Marvel and Sony may have in store. Both studios are clearly willing to stretch their limits for the sake of fan service, with the MCU even going as far as to bring back J.K. Simmons after the previous film series glossed over his character with a text message, and Sony's Spider-Verse giving a number of lesser-known Spideys their big-screen debut.

In a world where Spider-Fans can watch Nic Cage join forces with a cartoon pig, there’s no reason to think these next ten Web-slingers couldn’t get their own shot at stardom.

10. Spider-Ma'am

Spider-Verse #2 Miles Morales Aunt May
Marvel Comics

Maybelle Parker might be the most wholesome, maternal figure throughout Marvel's extensive canon. So maternal, in fact, that Marvel's attempt to recast our friendly neighborhood auntie as a badass remains centered largely on her love for Peter Parker.

When the Parker of Earth-3123 leaves his lunch at home on the way to the same field trip that would have otherwise given him his powers, his aunt makes a mad dash through traffic to bring it to him. She gets bitten by a spider and, despite attributing her sudden powers to the new vitamin tonic she's been taking, conveniently still settles on a spider-themed costume as she arms herself with a weaponized pastry decorator and sets out to save a candy store from the nefarious Leap-Frog.

In recent years, Spider-Ma'am received proper web shooters after letting Peter in on her secret identity. Still every bit the surrogate mother she's always been, she soon began fostering a team of former supervillains after they were turned into babies by Doc Ock's Spider-Army.

Having originated in the first volume of Marvel's What If comics, Spider-Ma'am could easily feature on the Disney+ series. But don't rule out the big screen. Anything can happen in Sony's Spider-Verse, and even their current Aunt May has the tech she'd need to start her own web-slinging career if ever called to do so.

As for the MCU, Marisa Tomei and Sally Field have both expressed desires to stretch their limits and try on less saccharine characters. The films' growing multiverse could make way for the perfect opportunity to grant that wish.

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