10 Worst Deeds Ever Committed By Darkseid

From the average human to Superman, everyone has felt the wrath of Darkseid.

Darkseid Justice League Odyssey
DC Comics

Darkseid is one of DC’s final boss characters. With nearly immeasurable power and resources, the ruler of Apokolips has the universe trembling at the very mention of his name. He not only has the means, but also the cruelty and imagination to make gruesome use of them. Unsurprisingly, over the decades he has gone on to commit some of the most heinous crimes ever seen on the panels of a comic book.

Ever since debuting in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134, Darkseid, originally known as Prince Uxas, has been wreaking havoc on the DC universe(s). From the very get-go, Darkseid has shown that no measure is too drastic for him, as he carved a bloody path to the throne of his home world Apokolips.

Since then, he has embarked on a path of mass destruction that on several occasions has brought the universe, and sometimes even the multiverse, to the brink of annihilation. Such is his list of crimes that it is in fact a challenge to decide which are the worst. Nonetheless, some of his misdeeds definitely stand out from the rest.

10. Turned Desaad Evil

Darkseid Justice League Odyssey
Marvel Comics

An evil tyrant needs equally devious lackies. Desaad is Darkseid’s right hand man and responsible for some of the worst brutalities perpetuated by his regime. As his chief torturer, Desaad has been responsible for inventing a plethora of destructive technology and gruesome torture devices. However, the Apokolips native was not always like this.

As revealed by Darkseid during his confrontation with Eclipso during Justice League of America 06 #54, Desaad was once a kind hearted young man. But Darkseid had other ideas for him. Using his cunning, he tricked Desaad into believing that one of his beloved pets had killed the other one.

The distraught Desaad buries alive his cat as punishment for killing his bird, only to find out some time later that the bird was alive. This completely breaks his sanity, as he proceeds to murder the bird as well. With his mind corrupted, he then leaves with Darkseid, as his new second-in-command.

Acts of mental harm can often be more horrific than physical harm. Darkseid did not just hurt Desaad, he mutilated his very soul just so he would become useful as a puppet.


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