10 Worst Ever Members Of The Justice League

The Justice League isn't always DC's finest.

Justice League
DC Comics

The Justice League has been around for decades and has been through so many members it’s basically the Sugababes of comics. With well over 100 heroes having been on the team at one point or another, there are bound to be a few duds. And boy have there been some duds.

Not everyone is going to be as strong as Superman, as smart as Batman or as everything else as Martian Manhunter, but these guys are just embarrassing. These are the terrible stereotypes, the useless losers and the annoying sidekicks. All of them are rubbish, and some even intentionally so.

However, this list isn’t just about naff superheroes (well mostly it is since they’re always fun to laugh at), it’s about characters who don’t fit on the Justice League. Even a character whose great on their own merits might not gel with the rest of the team and can even find themselves overshadowed by some of their teammates.

With the Justice League movie soon to become a reality, here are some of the faces you shouldn’t expect to see on the big screen any time soon… and one who is already on the way to stardom.


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