10 Worst Injuries Superheroes Have Survived

That's GOTTA hurt...

Marvel Comics

Death in comics is rarely permanent. Reboots, retcons and revivals have desensitised readers, and when a given hero does eventually bite the dust, the reaction from most fans tends to be apathy - they know already that it won't be long before they're back to full strength.

With the impact softened, writers have been left to wonder how to create those gut-wrenching moments again. Rather than killing a character off completely, it can be far more upsetting to see your favourite hero injured in such a way that you wonder how they are still alive.

From limbs lost to the hero having his legs removed from the rest of his body, it's a tough life fighting crime and saving the world. However it's not always a product of battle. Some of the injuries are simply a case of wrong place, wrong time. Some of the worst shows of violence aren't even at the hands of villains. The only consistent thing is that each panel will stick with you - for better or for worse.

Prepare for some gory tales in the pages ahead as we test the limits of some of your favourite heroes...


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