10 Worst Parents In DC Comics History

How does a story named "Infanticide" even pass comic censors?!

DC Comics

With DC being the darker of the two major comic book brands, it’s not a huge surprise that they include some pretty abhorrent parents. From fantasy lands of mythology, to the streets of downtown Gotham, all conceivable comics contain at least one case of terrible, terrible parenting.

Unlike Marvel, DC’s bottom-tier parents appear to be made to add a little realism to their works. Wildly unhinged demon overlords are maybe not the most realistic parents, sure, but having family dynamics that aren’t of the wholesome Superman variety is important.

Not only does it make the universe feel that bit more varied and believable, but it also reminds the reader that, regardless of the kind of people who raised them, they can be good – which is likely something some people need to hear.

All thought and sappiness aside though, here are 10 signs that parenting in the DC Universe isn't all that great...

10. Queen Hippolyta

DC Comics

Displeased with possessing only the title of ‘weirdest name to grace DC’, Hippolyta managed a second achievement in being the mother to Diana Prince, known better as Wonder Woman.

Where the Queen didn’t succeed, however, is in not being a questionable parent to her daughter. Hippolyta denies Diana the chance to fight in the tournament to go to ‘Man’s World’, and when she manages to enter and win in disguise, she settles for disapproving of more or less anything the superhero wants to do.

She actually at one point tries to take the title of Wonder Woman from Diana, saying she hasn’t done enough in ‘Man’s World’ to deserve it, and showing she very clearly doesn’t keep up with her daughter’s life.


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