10 Worst Things Hulk Has Ever Done

9. Destroying A Chunk Of Las Vegas

Immortal Hulk
Marvel Comics

The main issue with being the Hulk is that everything is very, very easy to break, and people usually don't like when you break their stuff.

Especially if "their stuff" is, say, the city they live in, which most infamously happened when our favourite green giant lost his mind and decided to destroy Las Vegas, during Fantastic Four #533-535.

While this is, of course, totally awful, you also have to kind of feel bad for him about the whole thing, because he only lost it trying to disarm a gamma bomb that blows up in his face. Sure, the whole "almost demolishing an entire giant city" thing is awful, but we've all done crazy things when we're hopped up on radiation... right?

This would be the event that would drive many of Marvel's heroes (the questionably named Illuminati group) to decide to send the Hulk of into space - which to be fair, is kind of harsh itself, because the dude has exiled himself deep into the Canadian wilderness as an apology anyways.

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