10 Worst Things Lex Luthor Has Done To Superman

Superman's archenemy has done some pretty despicable acts.

DC Comics

Lex Luthor has gone through a lot of changes over the years, morphing from mad scientist to corrupt businessman and even becoming a bona fide hero in more recent years (though that's not likely to last long). However, one thing that has remained consistent, is his absolute and undying hatred of Superman.

Whether he's motivated by greed, a genuine desire to keep the world safe from Kryptonians or blames the Man of Steel for his hair loss (which was his genuine reason for hating him at one point), Lex is committed to making Superman's life a living hell.

Sometimes his plans involve devious behind the scenes machinations, other times it's a simple case of taking an armour-plated fist to Kal-El's chiseled jaw. Either way, Lex Luthor's schemes have more than earned him a place as Superman's archenemy.

Heck, even when his plans don't directly involve the Big Blue Boy Scout, Lex will usually work in a way to spite his nemesis. Here are the top 10 ways that Lex Luthor has hurt Superman. The acts on this list are so horrible that they're even worse than the time he stole 40 cakes.

That's as many as four tens.

And that's terrible.

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