10 Worst Things Lobo Has Ever Done

10. Blowing Up A City (For 83,000 Years In A Row)

DC Comics

Consistency is key in life - and this may explain why Lobo has done so well for himself over the years, as it is revealed that he has destroyed one particular city in the galaxy for 83,000 years in a row running, making him arguably more consistent than some types of public transport.

While this wouldn't initially sound like a bad thing - after all, Lobo destroys cities with the frequency that most people would have breakfast - but crucially, Lobo isn't trying to destroy the city, as he is only ever there to go to a diner he likes - meaning that the destruction that follows is merely a result of the KISS look-a-like existing in any one space for longer than three minutes.

Purposeful destruction is one thing, but seemingly accidentally destroying an entire city countless years in a row seems on another, more entirely careless level.

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