10 Worst Things Lobo Has Ever Done

9. Becoming A Red Lantern

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DC Comics

Given that the Red Lanterns are generally considered the rage-addled mass murderers of the Lantern Corps, it is naturally a place where Lobo very much belongs.

While it isn't a surprising move that Lobo would, then, eventually get one of these rings, it is still a sketchy move that he accepted it, as against all expectations Lobo is generally not on bad terms with the Green Lanterns, occasionally working alongside them, meaning that this spits in their face more than a little. Perhaps more importantly, the ring also messes with the bearer's mind, making them a conduit for rage and destruction - which Lobo, having seen the Red Lanterns, is aware of, yet still optionally took the ring.

It's one thing deciding to be bad stuff, but taking a ring that basically makes you addicted to that kind of destruction is unmistakably some shady behaviour.

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