10 Worst Things Martian Manhunter Has Ever Done

He may be the heart of the Justice League but Martian Manhunter has a dark side.

Superman Martian Manhunter
DC Comics

It's baffling that J'onn J'onzz, AKA Martian Manhunter, has yet to appear on the big screen considering he sounds like the perfect superhero.

Not only is he a founding member of the Justice League (an honour that Batman and Superman don't have), he has more powers than you could shake a stick at. A big stick. He has the power of flight, invulnerability, invisibility, shape shifting, telekinesis, telepathy, x-ray vision, sonic control, rapid healing, size-manipulation, and intangibility. Also, he’s a nifty cook. If it wasn't for his inconsolable fear of fire, he would be more powerful than Superman.

It would be easy for Manhunter's power to corrupt him or make him arrogant. On the contrary, Manhunter has the innocence of a puppy. He loves Chocos (DC's version of Oreos), performs magic for children, and is a big fan of Adam Sandler comedies.

Although he is often presented with calm demeanour, a darker side of J'onn emerges once every blue moon. Very few people have witnessed the dark side to Martian Manhunter but when they have, it is truly terrifying.

Superman once said that he can count on one hand the amount of people he would be truly terrified to face in battle, and J'onn is at the top of that list. That should give you an idea how dangerous he can be...

10. He Killed The Man Who Brought Him To Earth

Superman Martian Manhunter
DC Comics

Years ago, Dr. Saul Erdel was playing around with with a "robot brain" and managed to teleport a Martian to Earth. This Martian was J’onn J’onzz.

When Erdel saw the giant alien, he died from a heart attack. J’onn believes that Erdel died because of his grotesque appearance. As a result, J’onn took on a humanoid form, which he usually maintains while he is on Earth.

With Erdel dead, J’onn had no idea how to get back to his home planet. As a result, he decided to live among the Earthlings until they reached a point where they had the technology that would allow him to return to Mars.

Okay, killing a man isn't ideal but Martian Manhunter didn't mean to do it and Erdel's death was kind of his own fault since he transported J'onn to Earth against his will.

Also, Erdel mentions that he has had a weak heart for years so he should have seen a doctor before tinkering with unknown tech. Nevertheless, this moment is worth mentioning since Manhunter's presence killed a man moments after he appeared on our planet.


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