10 Worst Things Namor Has Ever Done

Isn't Namor meant to be a hero?

Namor Killing
Marvel Comics

When Namor the Submariner first encountered the Fantastic Four, the Atlantean mutant came across as an outright villain.

But upon meeting more of the superhero community, Namor's bitterness towards the surface world subsided, encouraging him to team up with his former enemies. Over time, the king of the seas became an Avenger, a Defender, an ally to the Fantastic Four, and a friend to Captain America. He has saved the world on many occasions, fought with the Allies during World War II, and even beat up Dracula (which is always appreciated).

However, it's hard to gauge whether Namor qualifies as a good guy. He has performed acts of such unspeakable evil, villains like Doctor Doom would think he's gone too far. Despite the fact he attempts to remain reasonable, his temper always gets the better of him. Try as he might, he can't stop turning on his friends, ordering his people to attack the surface, or flat-out murdering people.

No matter what Namor the Submariner says to justify himself, there are times where he is indistinguishable from the worst kind of supervillain.

10. He's Been Creeping On Sue Storm Since He Met Her

Namor Killing

Namor has been infatuated with Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four since their first encounter. When he discovered she was in a relationship with Reed Richards, Namor did all he could to encourage Sue to abandon him, and live as his queen in Atlantis. Since Namor is arrogant, violent, and has a habit of beating the crap out of Sue's friends, she declined.

Namor may have started off as a foe to the Fantastic Four but it wasn't long before Marvel's First Family saw him as their companion. Although Namor has never been fond of Reed, the Atlantean king learned to respect him as a scientist, a father and a superhero.

Having said that, he's never stopped trying to sleep with his wife. After Sue and Reed tied the knot and had two children, Namor still refused to back down, often forcing himself on Sue. What's worse is Namor isn't coy about his behaviour, since he constantly tells Reed that he's not worthy of her affection.

Because he's been obsessing over Sue since the 1960s despite the fact she's (usually) not interested, Namor comes across as an unhinged stalker.

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