10 Worst Things Nick Fury Has Ever Done

9. Trying To Use The Tesseract To Make Weapons - Avengers 2012

Evil Nick Fury

Despite the MCU being far more family friendly than the comics can be at times, that hasn't stopped Nick Fury from crossing some pretty ugly lines.

In the first Avengers, Nick Fury rubs his bosses the wrong way by backing the Avengers Initiative, so we're led to believe he's 100% on our side. But Nick Fury always has a backup plan, even if said backup plan is pretty suspicious.

In case the Avengers Initiative failed, his plan was to study the tesseract in order to make superweapons to be used against S.H.I.E.L.D's enemies, of which there are MANY. So presumably, if this had gone through, a lot of people would wind up dead before Fury was halfway down the hit list.

Of course, these plans never came to fruition, as the Avengers stopped Loki and then returned the tesseract to Asgard for safe keeping. At least until Loki bent the space time continuum over a barrel in Endgame by stealing it, but that's neither here nor there.

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