10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Wolverine

That healing factor doesn't mean he can't feel pain...

Marvel Comics

While Wolverine may not have the invulnerability of Superman, he does have an insanely effective healing factor - one that allows him to recover from attacks that would leave most other heroes pretty dead. This healing factor has also allowed Logan to live quite a long life.

What the healing factor - or the adamantium skeleton or claws - have not allowed for however, is a peaceful life for the longtime X-Man.

The cavalcade of enemies he has garnered over his extended, intrepid life have seemingly done everything to make his time on Earth as close to hell as possible - with immense pain, brainwashing and even death being regular occurrences for the X-Man. Logan's closest allies have indeed provided similar adversity, though to a much lesser extent, of course.

The creative teams over at Marvel undoubtedly have a variety of 'fun' times prepared for Wolverine in the future, but before they get to further torturing the beloved mutant, let's have a look back at the most terrible things that have ever happened to James Howlett.

Featuring ripped out skeletons, awful torture and even some bizarre creative choices, the following examples go to show that poor old Wolverine can never catch a break...


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