10 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done To Harley Quinn

5. He Tried To Cut Off Her Face

DC Comics

While the Joker has never been even remotely sane (unless you believe some theories), the New 52 turned him into a complete psychopath.

Joker deliberately got himself thrown into Arkham Asylum so that he could meet the serial killer known as the Dollmaker. He then convinced Dollmaker to carve the skin off of his face and was presumed dead for a while.

When the Joker returned he used a series of belts to strap his old skin over his face as a new "mask". With this new look, the Joker then embarked on one of his most ambitious plans yet, attempting to completely destroy the bonds between Batman and his family.

He, of course, brought Harley Quinn along for the ride. However, he also decided that her appearance needed to match his own. He dressed her up in his old tuxedo, but it wasn't enough. He decided that she needed a face-lift, the kind done with a razor.

Harley resisted at first, but soon gave in to her lover's demands. The saddest part is that her main concern was that Joker wouldn't find her attractive anymore.

Thankfully, he didn't actually go through with it. Harley's display of devotion was enough for him.

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