10 Worst Things The Suicide Squad Has Ever Done

Harley Quinn totally blew up a bunch of children and... not many people seem to remember.

Harley Quinn Heroes in Crisis
DC Comics / Clay Mann

The Suicide Squad, despite being a team put together to stop bad guys, aren’t the nicest of folks.

This should be expected though. After all, they are bad guys themselves. No matter how many explosives Amanda Waller plants inside their brains, no matter how many tear jerking family tragedies surround them, at their core, they are still villains.

Hence, it goes without saying, they have done plenty of heinous things over the years. Even while they were commissioned as a government sponsored team, tasked with protecting the world, their inner supervillains always surfaced in some form or another.

Killing family members, betraying teammates, cold blooded murder, ruining lives, even cannibalism - these guys have taken extra care to ensure the entire villain bucket list has been ticked off.

With all that being said however, not all of the aforementioned crimes were of the same magnitude. Some were undoubtedly more despicable than the others, and deserve some special level infamy of their own...

10. Rick Flag Gets The Team Killed

Harley Quinn Heroes in Crisis
DC Comics

The cleanest guy on the team, as well as its leader, Rick Flag is the quintessential honest soldier: a man devoted to defending his country no matter the cost. His heroics eventually land him the duty of leading this dangerous band of villains-turned-soldiers. However, Mr. Flag isn’t always the straight-up, honest patriot he is made out to be.

During the Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad #1, a crossover storyline that also featured the Doom Patrol, Flag leads his forces on a daring rescue operation in Nicaragua. The goal was to rescue Hawk, who had been captured by bad guys. The mission goes terribly. Everything that could have gone wrong, does end up going wrong.

In the end, the entire team gets killed, and the main reason for the disaster was Rick’s inept decisions as leader.

Actually that’s not entirely correct - there was one survivor: The brave, patriotic leader. He got everyone killed, other than himself.


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