10 Worst Things Tony Stark Has Ever Done

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and... murdering psychopath?!

Iron Man Captain America
Marvel Comics

Tony Stark made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963. Since that time he, under the superhero identity of Iron Man, has gone on to be among Marvel’s biggest characters, a founding member of the Avengers, and the leading man of the multi-billion dollar MCU.

Across his 55 years in the public consciousness Tony Stark has rightfully cemented himself as a flawed but usually well meaning hero. He’s never quite held the lofty status of boy-scout paragon of virtue as heroes like Superman, but he’s very much closer to the side of good than various ‘anti-heroes’ like say, The Punisher.

However, even with all that in mind, there are times Tony Stark has made his share of ‘dick moves’. And as a more troubled and influential hero than most, his screw ups tend to have pretty cataclysmic ramifications, be it kicking off a superhero war (twice!) or straight up murdering innocents.

And ultimately, what’s more fun than looking into the very worst of a beloved hero? Nerds assemble, one and all, and let’s explore the most terrible things the invincible Iron Man ever did.

10. He Killed Thousands Of Mutants And Literally Conquered The World

Iron Man Captain America
Marvel Comics

As is examined through Exiles Vol. 1, #23-25, in a different reality to the main 616-continuity, Stark rose to become the Iron Monarch, tyrannical ruler of Earth-42777 and mass murderer.

He achieved this position by single-handedly monopolising the world's economy, before initiating a war between mutant and human kind to thin out the super population. He then murdered Magneto and Doom personally, ensuring there was nobody left to undermine his absolute authority.

Ultimately, the Iron Monarch met his end at the hands of Susan Storm after a devastating and bloody conflict with the Inhumans.

He was from a different universe, but this was still Tony Stark, and a dark reflection of the true scope of devastation the regular 616-Stark could achieve if he ever tilted across to the wrong side of good.

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