10 Worst Things Venom Has Done To Spider-Man

9. Killed Earth-2301's Version Of Uncle Ben

Marvel Comics

Ben Parker is easily the single most pivotal character in Spider-Man's origin story (not counting Spidey himself.) And to this day, Uncle Ben's murder remains one of the most heart-wrenching deaths in all of comics.

In the Earth-2301 reality, otherwise known as Marvel's Mangaverse, the person behind Uncle Ben's death was not a carjacker, but that universe's Venom.

While this took place well outside Marvel's more mainstream continuities (such as Earth-616 or Earth-1610), the fact remains that Spider-Man still very much loves and admires his uncle.

Despite how obscure the Mangaverse is as compared to other continuities, that doesn't take away from how heinous it was for Venom to take the old man's life. And it certainly doesn't help that he did it right in front of Spidey, forcing him to watch as the man who raised him was killed in cold blood.


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