10 Worst Things Wolverine Has Ever Done

Logan might be an X-Man, but a superhero he ain't.

Marvel Comics

First introduced with a brief appearance in The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine has taken on many heroes and foes, and has done so passing through a great many iterations.

As a formidable member of the X-Men, he’s been clawing his way through our comic book pages for decades, and had many an adventure along the way. But, while skirting the darker side of heroism for so many years, Wolverine has sometimes been known to drift too fa, and cross the line into depravity and villainy.

There are accidents, acts of poor judgement, the occasional brainwashing by villains as well as a variety of other mitigating factors to pardon some him. But then there are also simply times when he has carried out some horrendous acts, fit for a common criminal, or perhaps even barbarian, without any such excuse to fall back on.

He might be the best at what he does, but everyone knows that what he does isn't very nice...


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