11 Most Skilled Fighters In The DC Universe

Sometimes a super-power will only get you so far.

DC Comics

There's more than enough super-powered heroes to shake a stick at in the world of comic books, and if there's an asteroid plummeting towards Earth you probably need Superman to save the day.

Overall, however, sometimes being full on meta-human feels like a bit of a cheat. It's all fine and dandy being able to rely on flight or super-breath to help you win a fight ,but not everyone in the world of comic books is blessed with such abilities.

Some heroes are more human than most and for them to stand any chance of surviving in a universe of capes they need a little something extra. They need brains and brawn, and most of all they need to be able to handle themselves when faced with a foe who could easily crush them in an instant - or, say, break their back in two.

So who just are the best of the best? Which DC characters can throw down with gods and monsters and walk away victorious and with hardly a scratch on them? It requires a great deal of skill, and naturally there are only a few cut out to go toe-to-toe with the worst the universe has to offer. Here are those heroes and villains who can.


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