12 Best Redesigns Of Superhero Costumes

Talk about dressing for success...

Marvel Comics

It used to be a recurring motif in Avengers comics that the Wasp never wore the same crime-fighting outfit twice. But after decades of stories and hundreds of artists, it's hard to find a single superhero who hasn't engaged in some drastic costume redesigns over the years.

Some costume changes are absolutely iconic, whether as part of an ongoing storyline or simply as a way to freshen up, revitalize, or repurpose an established character. Whether it's a wholesome revamp of a company line like Marvel's Ultimates series or DC's New 52, or simply a single character getting an update, no comic book character stays the same forever, for better or for worse.

The more controversial changes - like Storm's mohawk makeover in X-Men or a bearded Aquaman replacing his lost hand with a harpoon - have fans and detractors alike, while some alterations, like Iron Man's leap from dull grey to red and yellow, are universally praised as a step up.

Both Marvel and DC are be strange, inconsistent patchwork quilts of retcons, re-launches, and gimmick changes. But sometimes, they absolutely nail a change for the better, be it a course correction or a brand-new direction for a character we thought we knew.


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