12 Times Venom INFECTED Superheroes

Spidey's not the only one the Symbiote has terrorised...

Captain america Venom
Marvel Comics

Venom is pretty much the archetypal Cool Injection in comics history. He's based on the idea of superhero inversion, he has amazing powers and he's an alien clad in black... What's not to love. He also has a signficant number of hits on his list of notable hosts.

The most notorious, of course, was that time he infected a T-Rex in the Old Man Logan future timeline. It's pretty much the greatest tragedy of comic book movie cinema history that we couldn't see THAT on screen. Damn those rights issues.

And a T-Rex wasn't even his biggest meal, since the Symbiote once managed to infect Galactus (well, sort of, it turned out to be a projection by Mysterio to freak out Spider-Man, but it looked cool). And it's not just heroes who've seen their bodies snatched by the notorious creature. Some heroes have gone bad too...

12. Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel Venom
Marvel Comics

During Brian Reed's Siege event, as Norman Obsborne and the Dark Avengers sought to take over Asgard, Venom was also making a nuisance of himself. This was the Mac Gargan version who had developed a taste for man-flesh and was busy eating Asgardians when Spider-Man and Ms Marvel arrived to stop him.

Marvel being supremely powerful, it was her who managed to rip the symbiote from Gargan's body to defeat him, fairly easily. Sadly, that didn't destroy the Symbiote and it simply bonded to her, delighting in her huge powerset and going on a rampage with Peter Parker hot on the trail.

Eventually, Marvel fought back from the possession and managed to trick the Symbiote into over-reaching and tearing itself from her. And then it just bonded back to Gargan and everything went back as it was.

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