13 Truths Comic Book Fans Would Never Admit To Themselves

Just because you won't admit it, doesn't mean it ain't true.

Let€™s face it: comic book fans have never been completely honest with each other. We€™ve all had that time when we€™re on a message board or just yakking away at the comic book store and someone will mention something. Maybe it€™s a book they hate or a creator they despise, and the rest of us will nod along in agreement. And in the back of your head, you€™re thinking, €œactually, I kind of like that.€ Even though comic book movies and superheroes in particular are hotter than ever right now, most of us grew up in a time when reading comics was something you kept to yourself. It was a marginalized hobby and going down to the comic book store sometimes made you feel like a politician visiting a brothel. So it€™s no surprise that when those in this very small group found a point of agreement, we tended to go along with it. But in reality, many comic fans probably have secret truths that they wouldn€™t confess to their brethren. These are the things you probably wouldn€™t discuss at the local shop for fear that you may be ostracized even further. And there€™s no casting of stones here. We€™re guilty of many of these things, too...

13. You Write Fanfiction

What You Say: Is there anything worse than fanfiction? It€™s written by arrogant fans who think they know better than the creators about how to write these characters, when really most of the fanfic authors couldn€™t write their way out of a paper bag. The Enterprise falling through a wormhole and ending up in the world of Conan? Buffy discovering that Slayers are really mutants and enrolling at Xavier€™s? And that€™s not even getting into all the terrible slash-fic. What kind of pervert gets their rocks off by reading prose stories about imaginary characters banging? But What You Really Mean: If everyone who insulted fanfic really felt that way about it, then there wouldn€™t be so much of it out there on the Internet. And although you may sneer at it in public, chances are you€™ve probably got a secret Fanfiction.net account, and it€™s highly likely that you€™ve used that account to either publish your own stories or to read and comment on other stories. True, there€™s a lot of awful fanfic out there that would make high school English teachers contemplate ritual suicide, but there€™s also good stuff out there and many published authors have said they wrote fanfic in the past. And yes, chances are you€™ve also dipped into some of the more€*ahem* exotic realms of fanfiction on a few lonely nights.

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