14 Weirdest Comic Book Weaknesses

13. Iron Man - Losing Power

Red Hulk Fire
Marvel Comics

During the deadliest battles or the most dangerous missions, Tony Stark has to constantly monitor his suit's energy reserves to ensure he doesn't run out of power.

But in his early years, this was a much bigger problem. Running out of battery didn't just stop his armour from working; it could kill him! Originally, Tony's arc reactor only functioned if it received a boost of energy every day or so. Since the reactor keeps the founding Avenger alive, he could drop dead if his power was cut off.

Because of this, some of his early adventures had Tony scrambling for a plug outlet to charge his armour before it hit 0%.

If that sounds ridiculous, it gets worse. Charging the suit wasn't a quick process. In fact, it would take up to 12 hours. As a result, Shellhead sat by a plug outlet twiddling his thumbs all day, impatiently waiting for his armour to regain full functionality.

Needless to say, this concept was ultimately abandoned because it made the founding Avenger look silly.


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