15 Comic Book 'Firsts' You Didn't Know

They may not be famous but they were the first.

DC Comics

Everyone knows that Wonder Woman comics were an instant hit, and propelled female superheroes into the mainstream. Likewise, everyone 'knows' Daredevil was the first superhero to have a disability, and that Black Panther paved the way as the first black superhero in comics.

But here's the thing. Wonder Woman wasn't the first superheroine, and Daredevil wasn't the first disabled superhero. Despite the fact Black Panther is often credited as "the first black superhero", another comic book character beat him to the punch by nearly 20 years.

Every comic fan knows resurrections play a huge part in comics but couldn't tell you who was the first superhero to come back to life. We are familiar with criminal masterminds like Lex Luthor and the Joker, but few know who the first supervillain was. And let's not forget the million-dollar question; who was the first superhero to appear in a comic book?

If you don't recognise the characters on this list, it's understandable. Some of them only made a handful of appearances. Others haven't appeared in a single comic in over half a century. Nevertheless, they are important since they are the ones that laid the groundwork in comic book storytelling, and for the supposed first-timers who weren't really the first at all...


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