15 Most Inappropriate Comics Storylines Of All Time‏

14. Batman Gets High, Wets Pants

Bat Pants
DC Comics

It could have worse. The writers of Demon In A Bottle could have been under the influence of the very substance they were writing about, which has worked for any number of fiction writers - Thompson, Hemingway, Fitzgerald - but not so much for filmmaker and sometime comic scribe Kevin Smith. At least if Smith's as-yet-incomplete Batman miniseries The Widening Gyre is anything to go by, which he admits was principally written under the influence of marijuana.

It's a credit to Smith that in his previous comics writing, he's managed to avoid the more mature/immature topics he gravitates towards in his movies. And it's a massive discredit that he indulges each and every one of them in The Widening Gyre. There's a whole issue where Batman gets high, having been dosed with a specially grown "herb" by Poison Ivy; there are umpteen awful sex jokes, including Bruce Wayne's girlfriend revealing she calls the Caped Crusader "Deedee", because they "reached double digits" their first night together; and if that wasn't lowest common denominator for you, Smith retcons the dramatic scene from Frank Miller's Year One where the young Batman confronts Gotham's crime elite so that he wet himself from fear.

This is the stuff of fan fiction, not officially published comic book.

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