15 Most Notoriously Controversial Storylines In Comic Book History

14. Starfox Put On Trial For Sexual Assault

Eros of Titan AKA Starfox is a fairly lame member of the Avengers and brother to the mad god Thanos. Starfox was made an Avengers after a period of time working with the team, during which he revealed his 'pleasure-stimulation' powers, which have also been described as psychic control over the emotions of others. Long after he had left the Avengers but during an extended stay on Earth, Starfox was brought in for charges of sexual assault, with a number of women there to testify that he used his powers to seduce them. The trial was written by Dan Slott in the pages of She-Hulk, who acted as Starfox's lawyer in her civilian identity, Jennifer Walters. She herself had been with Starfox during their time on the Avengers, and thinking he had used his powers on her, Jen beats the crap out of him. It is eventually revealed that he did not use his powers on her for sex, but instead to manipulate her relationship with John Jameson (son of J. Jonah). The trial eventually ends on Titan with Starfox's powers being removed, due to his manipulation of Thanos when they were children that resulted in thousands of lives lost. So while Starfox is punished for the improper use of his abilities in space, it isn't because of his highly questionable behavior on Earth. It is never really clarified whether or not he used his powers on the women who alleged he did, making Starfox a potential serial rapist still wanted for those crimes on Earth.
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