15 Most Notoriously Controversial Storylines In Comic Book History

12. Ultimate Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch's Incestuous Relationship

Marvel's Ultimate universe became known as a line where anything could happen, deaths mattered, and creators were free to explore the characters however they wanted. This unfortunately led to Jeph Loeb's run on The Ultimates 3, which took the brother-sister relationship of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, who had always been close in the 616 mainstream universe, and took it to an extreme level that turned off a bunch of fans. During Ultimates 3, we learn that Pietro and Wanda were not just siblings who loved each other, but were actually in love with each other. This incestuous relationship caught many of the members of the Avengers off-guard, especially Captain America. While the characters had been used frequently in the Ultimate universe up until this point, Loeb added parts to their backstory to not only sell the incest but also help set up his Ultimatum storyline by killing off Wanda, leaving a vengeful Magneto to wreak havoc on the Ultimate's universe. Long time fans of the characters were immediately put off by the uncharacteristic relationship between Pietro and Wanda, but attention was soon taken off of the controversial storyline once Ultimatum kicked into full gear and saw such other controversial moments like the cannibalism of both Wasp and Blob, and the deaths of the majority of the Ultimate universe.
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