15 Weirdest Romantic Superhero Relationships

Joni loves Chachi, Betty loves Archie, and the Joker loves Batman.

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Comic books are home to some of the wildest and weirdest ideas around.

We've seen these weird, wacked out fantasies come to billion-dollar life in the MCU and, in a lesser degree, elsewhere. But it's still comics where the coolest, most interesting ideas come from - where else do you see a Cosmic Herald Ghost Rider who is the Punisher in the Future? Where else does Wolverine wield the Infinity Gauntlet or Howard the Duck save the universe? Well, okay, that last one's in the MCU, but.

For all of the cool superheroes out there, for all of your favorites, there's a relationship they've been in that is weirder than anything you can imagine. A romance wilder and weirder than you could comprehend.

But luckily you don't need to, as we're about to tell you all about the horrible, the bizarre, the sweet, the scary, and all the other super heroic and super villainous romantic relationships in comics.

15. Batman & Joker

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Batman is a hard face and a scowl. He makes you swear to him and he wears armor with nipples. Is it any wonder that the Joker is in love?

This isn't some slash fiction either. It has been said, many times, in and out of comics, that the Joker is head over heels in love with Batman. He's been sexually harassing him since the eighties, with him fully developing - or attempting to develop - a full-on relationship with him in the 2010s.

He asks Batman to go away with him because he knows he can make him better, and when he turns him down, the Joker throws himself off a cliff. (He gets better. Then the two die together. But they get better.)

Even the Lego movies know it's true. Looking at the Lego Batman Movie, you can see that the entire plot of that film is the Joker just trying to get Bruce Wayne to admit that he cares about people, admit that he cares about him... that Batman cares about the Joker.

It's an oddly heart-warming scene when the two make a pillar of humans to confess how they care about each other while also holding the world together. But, ah, that's love isn't it?


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