20 Most Controversial Comics Covers Of All Time

Sexists, racists and Superheroes! Oh My!

Comic book covers are arguably the most important image in the book; a cover can determine whether or not a title will financially succeed or fail, as usually individuals literally judge a book by its cover before buying it. Usually the front cover of a comic has to be enticing for readers while also summarizing the contents of the story. For example, part of the reason Spider-Man has become such a cultural icon is due to the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15, which highlights the character's first appearance. This cover was exciting and inviting, as Marvel showcased a new hero for a new generation. Also because Comic book covers are visual summarisations and hyperboles of the books content, they also serve another unique function, as comic books can also serve as a time capsule of sorts for cultural trends within society. For example, Captain America #332 captures the American angst and disenfranchisement of the 1980s and the Cold War. Comics, like any other artistic medium, are an expression of cultural attitudes and norms. And like any good art, comics deal with the hard questions of the day. However, they also can expose some of the more morally abominable attitudes within our culture. The wonderful thing about comic books is that one can almost trace the major trends within American and British popular culture issue by issue. Therefore comic book covers are literally visual artefacts that document how society has grown and changed over the years. Here is a list of the 20 most shocking, outrageous and ridiculous comic book covers that highlight some of the more controversial issues within society.
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