5 Artists Who Know How To Draw Comic Book Girls!

4. Milo Manara


Milo Manara is an Italian comic book writer/artist who has been a master at what he does for years. I€™m fairly new to the Manara flock but I€™ve gone out of my way to catch up and his work never fails to impress. Well known for his more erotic titles, Manara women are pretty much perfection when it comes to super model good looks. Elegance, Long legs, pouting lips, European in style and simply put, gorgeous. Of late Manara has been producing a fair few variant Marvel comic covers, given us a glimpse into his wondrous work and giving his spin on Marvel characters but within the pages of Manara€™s own works, very few comic book artists manage to do erotic with such elegance and beauty, all while keeping hold of the sexy side of sub genre. 51424V67WKL._SL500_AA300_Recommended Works: I have to say, I€™m a big fan of Manara€™s €˜Click€™ series. A fun set of tales revolving around a small dial that can be turned to *ahem* €˜excite€™ the woman it€™s user is focused on. Click 2 is probably my favourite and is packed full of some of the best Manara women art out there. However with that said, his art of books and titles like Gulliveriana (a semi erotic female led spin on Gulliver€™s travels) are well worth your time too. If you like your legs long (very long in Gulliveriana€™s case) and your women beautiful, Manara is an artist who can only be considered a master.

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