5 Best Superhero Teams You've Never Heard Of

Come meet the next Guardians of the Galaxy!

Spirits of Vengeance Cover
Marvel Comics

So, comics fans, who had actually heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie? Our guess would be not many of you, but, to be fair to Marvel (and also DC), they really do have a lot of superhero teams on their utility belt, which is to be expected by the frankly insane amount of characters that exist in their various universes.

But, not every group has had the same opportunities the Guardians have been afforded, meaning there are plenty more unknowns where they came from. However, that's no reason to fear, True Believers - because we're here to unveil some of the best lesser known teams from the Big Two!

It may not look it on the surface, but there are dozens of obscure, little-known super-groups in the Marvel and DC universes who could yet become the next Guardians of the Galaxy, regardless of how they've performed in the past.

5. The Squadron Supreme

Spirits of Vengeance Cover
Marvel COmics

It really is quite understandable if you don't know of the Squadron, with their confusing (to say the least) origin, so here's how it went:

The team were originally an alternate universe version of the Squadron Sinister, a group of supervillains based off of DC's Justice League, but then, after the 2015 Secret Wars event, members from different corners of the multiverse took refuge on Earth-616, forming the version found in Marvel comics today.

Though despite this interesting (if not easy to follow) history, the team's roster and even presence is really quite mundane in comparison to the rest of this list, with their best moments being when they've joined forces with the likes of the original incarnation of the Defenders.


Probably hasn't watched or read that 'absolute classic'.