5 Great Comics That Will NEVER Happen Again

If only DC and Marvel could set aside their differences...

DC/Marvel Comics

The term "lightning in a bottle" applies to few things as perfectly as it does to comic books. Most comic books are products that could only have been made in the time period that they were. Superman, and everything about him as a character, could only have been made by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster at the time that they created him.

Likewise, there have been countless other comic books made since then that could not have been made a single moment before or after.

This doesn't mean they aren't timeless, but as much as storytelling snobs would love to bloviate to the contrary, the outside world around you will always play a part in the stories you tell and how you tell them.

These five comics were made precisely when they needed to be made, and thus could not have been produced before, and certainly couldn't have been made today.

Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, and it's even harder to get it in a bottle. Don't count on seeing these five comic stories replicated the same way twice.


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