5 Reasons 'Superior Spider-Man' Is Spidey's Best Story In Years


Before we begin I need to point out that, obviously, there are going to be some spoilers concerning the finale of 'Amazing Spider-Man' and the first eleven issues of the web slinger's new title; 'Superior Spider-Man'. Don't say I didn't warn ya'...

On December 26th 2012 Marvel released the 700th and final issue of their fifty year 'Amazing Spider-Man' book. The content of this book was dramatic, jaw-dropping and unprecedented. In the months building up to the release Marvel made no secret of the fact it would be the title's final issue. 'Superior Spider-Man' would be taking its place as the main Spider-Man book with Superior Spider-Man himself not being the same Spider-Man as the one we all knew and loved in 'Amazing'.

Teases like these led to mass speculation across the world with everyone wondering just who - or even what - this new Spider-Man would be. These rumours and suggestions ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, but it's fairly safe to say that no Spider-Man fan on earth could have predicted the actual outcome. In a final showdown, Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus) was able to achieve one final, great victory over his nemesis Peter Parker and successfully switch his own mind into Parker's body, assuming all of his powers and leaving Parker's consciousness to perish in Octavius' crippled, dying body. The switch was not flawless though, and before succumbing to death in Ock's body Peter was able to convince Octavius to take up the mantle of Spider-Man and assume the great responsibility that we all know accompanies his great power. Octavius agreed, before vowing to be a greater Spider-Man than Peter ever had; a Superior Spider-Man. Woah! Such an unprecedented event had a decidedly divisive effect on fans. Many long-standing Spidey fans swore against ever reading Marvel's new book and the story's writer Dan Slott even had to remove himself from twitter for a while to let the storm subside slightly. Many other fans - myself included - were a little less extreme in response and decided to give Slott's Superior Spider-Man a chance. Now, eleven issues down the line, I feel more justified than ever in making that decision and am here to tell you why, if you haven't already, you should definitely be following the story of Marvel's Superior Spider-Man. Starting with number 5...

Gareth is 28 years old and lives in Cardiff. Interests include film, TV and an unhealthy amount of Spider-Man comics and Killers songs. Expect constant references to the latter two at all times. Follow on twitter @GJCartwright.