5 Reasons You Should Start Reading Batman Comics Now

2. The Joker is Back!

That€™s right, the Clown Prince of Crime and Batman€™s most infamous foe the Joker is back for (technically) his first appearance since the New 52 reboot. Joker hasn€™t been seen in the New 52 yet, but his face has €“ albeit removed from his head. In the Detective Comics €˜Doll maker€™ arc, Joker apparently volunteered to have his face removed - and Death of The Family promises to tell us why, as he returns to Gotham with his eyes set on the Bat-family. Snyder is promising a more unhinged, evil Joker than we€™ve ever seen. Add that to the mystery of where the clown has been for the past year and the fact he shouldn€™t have a face and you have something shaping up to be very intriguing.
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