5 Things We Don't Miss About '90s Comics (And 5 We Do)

Looking back on an unforgettable era. 

Marvel Comics

The '90s were a polarising time in the world of comics. And while there may have been many divisive issues (no pun intended), they were anything but boring.

From massive changes to the comic universes themselves, perhaps even more tantalising were some of the behind-the-scenes shakeups that would change the trajectory of the industry forever.

For those growing up in that era, or even those who were well-established comic book fans, the decade was defined by an early rise the likes of which had never been seen before followed by a collapse so significant that one of the largest comic book publishers of all time very nearly blinked out of existence.

It was a decade that came with such an abundance with highs and lows, and, as such, it seems only appropriate to reflect on all the wonderful moments from a signature era in comics history, as well as some of its more regrettable foibles.

The following list isn't meant to overtly praise any one company or insult another, but rather to look at the trends at the time that both helped and hurt the industry as a whole. With that, let's look at a bygone era and see what worked, what didn't, and what influences comic books decades later.


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