5 Things We Don't Miss About '90s Comics (And 5 We Do)

8. Don't Miss - '90s Excess

X-Men Jim Lee
Image Comics

It's never an easy thing to keep one's pulse on the cultural zeitgeist of the time. Indeed, while the '80s may have been considered the decade of excess, comics were perhaps a few years behind that curve. Like cracking open your yearbook twenty years after graduation, several older comics have not aged well.

The '90s was a time in which the world was shifting away from glitz and glam with a grunge counterculture, a line which comic books tried to straddle.

Several characters like Thor and Wonder Woman got lame makeovers: Thor got ridiculous armour with overblown shoulder pads while Wonder Woman settled for a bra and bicycle shorts. Invisible Woman received her infamous "4" shaped cleavage cutout.

Perhaps no one embodied these kinds of changes better than Rob Liefeld.

Liefeld's hyper-dynamic style was the perfect encapsulation of comic book style at the time. Men and women alike were drawn to cartoonish degrees. The men had massive arms and shoulders with tiny heads, virtually no necks, and a perpetual grimace.

Women were drawn in the most idealised fashion possible. Waists were hilariously slender, while boobs and butts were over-proportioned to a laughable degree. And everyone wore pouches. All pouches all the time.

While the style made for some excellent covers, the art choices were downright painful to look at between the pages. There are times that characters definitely necessitate a shake-up from the norm, but this decade had way more misses than hits.


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