50 Reasons Why Superman is The Greatest Superhero Ever

49. He's An Immigrant

America was built around immigration and Superman is one of the most famous immigrants of them all. From a distant world, Superman comes from a land where the language is foreign, the landscape is different, and his people have different ideologies. Superman is an immigrant who emerged from nothing and grew up to appreciate the simple things in life. Excelling in school, he managed to work his way up as a prominent reporter for the press and made a name for himself among his adopted world. That's all most actual immigrants can hope for.

48. He's An Orphan

Apart from being an immigrant, Superman is also an orphan sent in to the wilderness after the death of his home world. Never knowing anything about his origin, Kal El was fortunate enough to land on Earth where he would be discovered by two kind older people desperately looking for a child of their own. When fates met, Kal El's destiny was sealed and he became a successful well loved person years before he ever became the protector of Earth's people.

47. He Fights For Everyone

No matter what you've done, no matter who you are, Superman fights for you. He'll take a cannonball to the face, he'll stare down an army of evil rulers if he can help preserve you, and that's a rule he stands by through and through. Whether you're the president, a mobster, a down right bastard or an average joe in the wrong place at the wrong time, Superman will help you and ensure your safety. To quote Superman in the Shazam cartoon "I fight for people who can't fight for themselves!"

46. He Battled Angels

In JLA #7 a plot was put in to place to take the moon out of orbit to distract Superman from battling the angel Asmodel. In the midst of the battle, the JLA find themselves pitted against the angel and duke it out with him. Hopelessly outmatched in spite of J'onn's best efforts to keep Asmodel back, Superman returns in time to duke it out with the angel fearlessly and help out his teammates.

45. His Costume

His costume is the definition of convenience. His classic costume, anyway. Based on the circus performers of the early twentieth century, Superman's entire costume has short sleeves, is skin tight, and can go under his clothing just in case he needs to change, while hiding his identity. He invented the ripping the shirt open to reveal the symbol that Spider-Man later adapted. And he was the first to realize his costume could make for a good second layer, something Spider-Man later adapted. But deep down keeping his costume under his clothing is symbolic that no matter how much he pretends to be one of us, he's always Superman. He can't change or hide that.

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